At 麻豆国产AV, students are encouraged to embrace the value of community engagement as part of our shared commitment to the greater good. The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) is at the heart of this work, offering opportunities for students to link learning inside and outside of the classroom, tackle problems that matter, and develop a sense of purpose that continues throughout their lives. 

The core work of the CCE involves supporting community-based learning courses, engaged research, volunteering, and creative endeavors connected to the local community. The department fosters collaboration and connections across campus and community through inclusive educational practices, allowing students to discover connections between the classroom and the community.

Aerial view of the Connecticut River Valley.


Three students walk down a tree-lined pathway on a campus and are backlit by golden sunlight.

Support for Students

Find current community-based learning (CBL) courses.  Explore different ways to connect with the local community.  Get started now!

Resources for Faculty

The CCE provides resources for faculty as they incorporate learning by doing into their teaching and research, intentionally linking direct experience with analysis and critical reflection.

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A view of downtown Amherst, with a 3 story red brick building facade on the right, colorful umbrellas and tables for sidewalk dining in the center, and a street to the left.

Meaningful Connections. Local Community.

Newsletter Launch: Late Summer 2024

Discover local opportunities to engage with and support our community, attend events, and build meaningful relationships on and off campus.

The CCE in the News

A juggler stands on top of a red platform outdoors at a downtown festival while children and adults watch.
The party鈥檚 main goal is to introduce people to Amherst鈥檚 small businesses, but it also featured musicians and other performers 鈥 like the yo-yo artist pictured above. Photo courtesy of Lauren Kelz 鈥27.

College-Sponsored Block Party Takes over North Pleasant

The Amherst Student

鈥淚 really want to have this framework of 鈥楢mherst for Amherst,鈥欌 [Sarah] Barr said, which encourages 鈥渇luid movement鈥 between the town and campus.